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Full Version: Palmos Emulator For Pdaxrom
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Hi there,
I've been trying to get a PalmOS Emulator to work on my C750, but haven't been that successful so far. I have tried to run: QPilot and QPose which limited success for the latter one. I get it to display a palm screen in the top left corner (doesn't magnify) and it runs very slowly (about 1/10th of the speed of my palm III). In addition to that, it only runs in Qtopia, and I have changed to pdaXrom some time ago. Has anyone compiled POSE or any other palm emulator for pdaxrom?
Getting POSE to run on pdaXrom would be useful for some things. Unfortunately
a PalmOS ROM file is needed to run POSE. This was not a problem for me, since
I own a few Palm devices, and was a "registered" developer a while back.

I have a renewed interest in this, as I may embark on converting "Space Trader"
to a native (LINUX/X11) version for the Zaurus. If I get addicted to the game, I'd
like to be able to play it on my Zaurus until the conversion becomes solid.

This topic has never been addressed, and I figured I'd bring it up again... smile.gif

Oh YES OMG a palmos emulator would be freaking awesome. Please please please with sugar and cream on top. Please someone capable try compile pose or copilot. please please please.

Glad you could join;) Really, a palmos emulator would be great. Think of the 10'000s of pda-tailored applications that are available already...


Just keep in mind that I would expect it to run real slow, and eat battery real
fast, based on my past experiences using POSE on a p133, and even
a Sparc. And, I tried compiling it many years ago, on a P200 w 32MB RAM,
and finally aborted the build after almost two days. I was later told that the low
amount of RAM I had, was the main factor in the slowness of build process.

The POSE architecture may have changed since then, but those were my experiences!

space trader would be great, I believe someone else is also trying to port it as well.
Space Trader is also my No.1 favourite game when I was using Palm years ago. A native linux port would be terrific!!
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