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Full Version: Usb Device Not Recognised
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I have installed the latest hentges oz 3.5.3 rom on my collie (SL5500) and had it working (after a fashion for several weeks now).

Even having read all the posts and dilegently uninstalled and installed the original sharp drivers from the 2.37 ROM CD I cant get the Z to be consistantly recognised with XP or win 2000. I've tried 2 XP machines and 1 win 2000 machine but keep getting the error message "USB - Device not recognised" .

I've deleted usb registry entries and device manager entries and had them recreated - but no luck. When I get the USB connection up on the Z I cant sync with Qtopia 1.7
Help please is their something else I can try??

On the wireless front I have been able to ad hoc sync between the z and Qtopia with some degree of success (to do is ok) When I try and sync the calendar it gets to 73% complete then hangs.
The only thing I have got consistantly working is a wireless sync between notessync and the Z ! Again what can I do to improve this?

Last question! I want to connected to my network at home using infrastructure mode and connect to my laptop at work using ad hoc mode.
Ad hoc mode requiries I set the Z IP to

If I change the eth0 settings back to "infrastructure" for home use I have to reset everyhing to "ad hoc " mode when I get into work.

How do I set things up so I can flip between the two modes?
What does lsmod show?

Try running 'modprobe net_fd'. You'll probably also need to set a static IP address for usbd0 (is that the right one..?) unles you're running a dhcp server on your Windows machine(s).

Lsmod shows the following

Module size used by

sharp_mmcsd_m 25792 2
sa1100_bi 22924 0 unused
net_fd 16636 0 unused
usbdcore 22504 0 [sa1100_bi net_fd]
rfcomm 33512 0 [unused]
12cap 17316 1 [rfcomm]
bluez 32632 0 [rfcomm 12cap]
ipw6 152344 -1
ipsec 280008 0 [unused]

tried doing modprobe net_fd
couldnt see much difference I'am afraid...
usbdo has a static ip address
both "auto bring up" and "DHCP" are unchecked in interface setup
Reboot your zaurus. Same thing happens to me if I put my Zaurus into sleep and then wake it up again. After that the usbd0 or whatever device is "stuck".
The only way I can get the z to sync with the cradle is to plug it into the cradle just when it is completing the boot up sequence , opie then loads, usbd0 comes up and the sync connection on the laptop turns green. I can then sync ok(Well my calendar sync still hangs but i'll look at that later.
However as soon as I suspend the z and switch it on again in the cradle it just hangs and I have to reboot again to bring it back to life.

I remembered that I had uncommented the apm_bios line in device table this morning so I tried commenting out the line in device_table again and re-booted. Now everytime the Z comes up I am back to the error message "Usb - device not recognised".

This is starting to look as though its a suspend problem rather than a mistake in the configuration/setup between the z and my winxp laptop.

Suggestions anyone??
Iirc, there was a problem with the net_fd driver being loaded by getting hung-up, I always used to rmmod the driver then re-insmod it which sorted the problem out.

Do a search for and run that script and it should work then.

Seethis post: In fact there's an easier way too: run 'usbnet start' (it is somewhere under /etc, I can't remember exactly where off the top of my head)

I created your script under /etc

/sbin/rmmod pxa_bi
/sbin/rmmod net_fd
/sbin/rmmod usbdcore
/sbin/insmod /lib/modules/2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix/kernel/drivers/usb/device/usbdcore.o
/sbin/insmod /lib/modules/2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix/kernel/drivers/usb/device/net_fd/net_fd.o
/sbin/insmod /lib/modules/2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix/kernel/drivers/usb/device/bi/pxa_bi.o

I ran it but I got errors

rmmod: pxa_bi : no such file
rmmod: usbdcore : device or resource busy
insmod A module called usbdcore already exists
insmod : init_module : net_fd : invalid
insmod: pxa_bi.o no module by that name found

I checked system info - my collie definately has PXA processor

Tried usbnet start also - couldnt see any difference

I checked system info - my collie definately has PXA processor

If it's a collie (sl5500) it definitely doesn't have a PXA processor.

rmmod: pxa_bi : no such file

This would indicate that you don't have a PXA processor. Use the version for the StrongArm processor (change pxa_bi to sa1100_bi iirc).

Doh! I assumed from what I read in system info about the linux kernel version being 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix- so i assumed it was a pxa3 processor.

I've changed to sa1100 and the script ran fine.

If I put the z in the cradle , turn it on, run the script and plug the usb connector into the laptop the sync connector turns green for about 5 to 10 seconds then goes back to red.
If I suspend the z in the cradle and then turn it back on I see the usb device and the sl5500 ndis network adaptor appear in device manager but the z hangs and the sync icon stays red. (Sometime a yellow exclamation mark appears in the network adaptor.)
Now I have to reboot the z again to get it back to normal.
I feel I am now close to resolving this problem. When I put the z in the cradle and press cancel to resume the Z screen stays blank for about 5 to 10 secs then opie lights up on the screen which is frozen. About the same time I get the "usb device not recognised" message on the laptop.
The z screen unfreezes allowing me to run the script

This time the sync connection turned green. However about 40 secs later it went back to red for about 20 secs then back to green. I couldnt figure out initially what was going on until I noticed that the sync coming and going was perfectly synchronised to the opie mail error message "Error initialising folder" !!
I uninstalled opie mail and tried again.
Again a bit of delay coming out of resume but when I run the script I now have a rock solid usb connection with the Z in the cradle!!

I'll re - install opie mail later.

Now how do I get to run as part of the resume?? I really dont want to have to run a script from the desktop..
'/etc/apm.d/scripts.d/usbnet start' should do pretty much the same as my script - this should run at resume, but iirc the apm scripts were broken. I can't remember whether there was a post-3.5.3 fix for them. Anyone?

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