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Full Version: Is It Worth Buying An Sl-6000w?
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Howard Roark
I have an opportunity to purchase an SL-6000W (I have an L already) but I can't decide whether its worth it for bluetooth. Does anyone with a 'W' model have any comments?


PS: Its brand new
hard to judge without a price. If you have a bluetooth phone with edge or especially evdo connectivity, then you can surf the web from anywhere you have celluar service.
price would be a big factor smile.gif

and whether you use BT... or if want bragging rights??
Howard Roark
and whether you use BT... or if want bragging rights??

I would recommend that anyone who buys a pda for bragging rights is in need of serious help... dry.gif
well, if you already hae an "l" it should be easy enough to use a bt usb dongle or cf (though 8 haven't got my hands on a working dongle yet) which would certaily be chepaer and easier than buying a w.... and would work with your other stuff too presumably.
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