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Full Version: Irda Ppp Connection Howto?
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I'd like to set up an internet connection on my Z 5500 via infrared using my Siemens cx65 mobile. (IrDA connection between the two works and I can beam files between them.) I take it that this is possible by dialing into the phone using ppp via irda. Can this be configured with the Opie Network Setting application? Is there any up-to-date step-by-step guide on ho to do this on OZ/Opie?

Any help appreciated. smile.gif

You can do that with Opie GUI tools. I'm using 5500 (OpenZaurus) with Siemens S55 phone and GPRS and it works just fine. Here some quick-and-dirty guidelines:

You should find Irda tool ad bottom of screen. With Irda tool you must "enable IrDA" and "Enable Disovery". Check that IrDA tool discovers your phone. (I quess you have done this, because you can beame files)

Next open Network Setting Tool. Using "Add" button create new PPP device with following settings:

Under "Devices" tab:
Modem Name: Irda
Mode device: /dev/ircomm0

Next open "Modem" tab and try "Query Modem" to see, if your modem
is recognized. If your modem needs special initialization string, you can configure
those here.

Next create new item under "Accounts" tab with phone number and
Authentication info.

I'm using GPRS connection, so I didn't have to worry about PPP Authentication.

Thanks for the info. I now got GPRS working, too. I still needed to figure out the number to dial (*99***1# appears to work for most recent Siemens mobiles) and the additional modem initialization string (something like AT+cgdcont=1,"IP","<APN>", where <APN> denotes the GPRS access point, "internet.t-mobile" for my provider). BTW, the data needed for some German providers can be found on

Hmm, GPRS seems to be fairly expensive over here. I have to pay €0,09 for each 10KB. sad.gif Does anyone know a cheaper provider (flat rate maybe?) in Germany?

To avoid GPRS, I also tried CSD, but couldn't get it to work so far, at least not with my regular ISP (T-Online). The connection would build up ok, go past authentication, and then after about 60 secs the mobile would just terminate the connection. Has anyone else seen this, and maybe found a solution?

Anyway, thanks a lot again for your help. smile.gif

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