Hi all,

I hope, that I haven't overseen any earlier posts in the forum, but after leaving my Zaurus unused for a long time (last inst was OZ 3.3.5) I waht to come back, and use the German Hentges ROM of OZ 3.5.3 Rel T3

My idea is, to have a complete installation of the "bare" initrd.bin combined with the cardfs.bin into _one_ single loopback image.

I have found some posts of SteveConley and CoreDump - but I didn't get it to work.

What I have done is:

- flashed Zaurus with Hentges ROM 3.5.3 T3 German
- made an image with dd
- created an ext2 fs in that image
- copied all important folders from the "bare" Hentges ROM (in Flash ROM)
w/out cardfs into that image
(manually and using the rboot script copy_files.sh)

The image is bootable from the boot-images folder on my SD and on my CF - so far so good.

But, how do I get the cardfs into this image???

Tried to mount it as /media/card - worked - but cardfs_install.sh asks to _delete_ bin/ opt/ a.s.o

Tried to re-copy the root files into the image - but after that, the image isn't bootable anymore - I get a lot of error msgs.

So - is this way possible? Am I doing something wrong?
Or is there another way to get an installation like this?

Or would it be better, to make an own image for the cardfs and mount it somewhere in media (like /media/cardfs - and modify the ipkg destinations to make an installation possible? must edit fstab manually?)

Btw: Is there a simple way to move /home to an image (!) of it's own - or do I have to manually edit the fstab?

The basic idea is, to have seperate images for os/apps and data - to make easy backups, and have 2 bootable images - one for "production" and one for "tests" (of new apps and libs - simply a snapshot copy of the first one).

Like this:
- /media/card/boot-images/production-rootfs.bin
- /media/card/boot-images/sandbox-rootfs.bin
- (a.s.o.)
- /media/card/data/daniel-homefs.bin
- (maybe more ...)

TIA and bye