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Full Version: Flash Card Program ?
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Hey guys, new to the forum and new to the c3000. I was wondering if anyone knew of a flash card program compatible w/ the c3000. The link for myflashcards on killefiz doesn't work. Thanks.
thekompany soq (series of questions)

10 bucks.

i use it. i create flashcards but i expirienced loosing the flashcard information witin the file but it is most probably user error. what i do is i create a flash card and then i back up. I am always making backups. seems to work and even then, i havent lost my flashcards.

if i cant find a program here, i buy from them

the ones i use on my c-1000 which i feel work best for me as well are


the rest of the software you can find better functioning ones here in forum suggestions or links.

one more thing, since the development of XQT, you can run debian and most likely find a flash program for it. I seen one in linux mandrake a while back. I have'nt tried since this option is so new to me.
KWordQuiz works great in Pocket Workstation. I tried SOQ, but KWordQuiz seems a lot more streamlined with more features; it's just a lot more work to get it up and running. I don't know if it would work with X/QT directly.

If you have the patience to get Pocket Workstation setup, check out Meanie's grand and glorious documentation and work:

Once that's done, you can just apt-get kwordquiz.
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