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Full Version: Will It Possible To Flash The Win Mobile In Zaurus
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I think it can, the config of Zaurus is great... run the win mobile
You're not likely to find your answer on these forums. Here you will find linux and open source advocates, and suggestions on how to extend such on their zaurus (and other devices).
windows? NO NO NO!

you ask if you can run an emulator on the zaurus and probably someone will get back to you.

The nerve! ohmy.gif
There are good reasons to prefer linux to microsoft products. Maybe you should grab an ubuntu live dvd, and give it a few months or so on your desktop. On a handheld, linux does much that would be unimaginable using winmobile. If you are interested, read these forums to get an idea of the difference.
If you still prefer winmobile after all that, wouldn't an (much cheaper) axim do?
Have a look at the HTC Universal... it's a clamshell, and if you want WinMobile then it's worth checking out.

If you really wanted to get WM running on the Z, you'd need to build an OS for it using Platform Builder... You need the device drivers, etc: it's a seriously non trivial task. And then, once the work was done, you'd need to sort out licensing with Microsoft as they don't just give things away, you know! wink.gif

On that subject, the initial purchase of platform builder will be not cheap. Best off using the Z with linux, and finding an alternative device for Windows CE/mobile.
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