I've got the Citrix client (ICA) and VPN working on my C3100. This is what I did:

Install the following software:
- XQt-jumbo pack
- Debian PocketWorkstation
- Vpnc 0.3.3 ipsec-module, tun-module (link: http://viperinz.sourceforge.net/feed/)

- Configure default.conf in /etc/vpnc/
Notice that if your Cisco-profile (<profile>.pcf) contains a setting for enc_GroupPwd, you might have a problem.

I'm not sure vpnc supports encrypted secrets.

- Start vpnc and logon with credentials

- Start Debian Workstation

- Install ICA-arm client (link: http://www.citrix.com/site/SS/downloads/de...loadID=3323#top, ARM Version 3.0.86)

The ICA client is linked to an old version of libxaw. This can be downloaded using debain package manager:
apt-get install libxaw6

Since I'm running vpnc outside Debian Workstation I must copy the vpnc-generated /etc/resolv.conf into Debian's /etc/resolv.conf.
If you don't do this dns lookup failes. This could possible by fixed by creating a symlink or using vpnc inside Debian.

Start ICA-client using ./wfcmgr and you are ready to go biggrin.gif

Sharp C3100
Sharp kernel 2.4.20 (stock)
1 GB Kingston SD card
Dlink Air Wifi
Ambicom Ethernet
Running XQt, Debian PocketWorkstation