Sorry if the answer is out there but I have looked.

After synching successfully for a few months using the older version of IntelliSync (the one which came with the 2.xx 'ROM's). It's suddenly stopped working with the message on the winxp box "This version of Intellysinc for does not match the version on your Zaurus. Intellysinc for Zaurus will now exit."

I'm forever tinkering and messing things up so I can't tell you what I did but this is on a frsh install of Hentges security has always been set to log in automatically as root and to sync with any network and Qtopia 1.7 to avoid hundreds of permission messages.

I'm sure it's something simple, it usually is, but beyond my meagre intellect.

I could always reflash but then I would have to install all my software again which is pestilential.