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Full Version: Ann: Quantumstep Dr6 Available (build 78)
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I am happy to announce a new Developer Beta of QuantumSTEP for the Sharp Zaurus.

QuantumSTEP is an Application and GUI framework based on GNUstep and extended, optimized for handheld devices. Therefore, it has an API that is compatible with MacOS X Tiger and Cocoa. Application software can be easily developed and cross-compiled with Apple Xcode and Interface Builder. QuantumSTEP includes a full set of PIM applications (address book, calendar, phone dialler, navigation tool, mail manager, image viewer, Web browser etc.).

What is new in this version DR6:
* uses X/Qt as the X11 server (making it much easier and more robust to install - and faster)
* many bugs fixed and classes/methods added to the mySTEP libraries. See:
* more features working / less bugs in the PIM applications (some of them reaching a level of first real useability)
* SQLite3 included
* should run on all Zaurus models - has been tested on C860 and C3000

We know that a lot of things are still to improve (e.g. look, speed of menus, font size, handling of screen rotation), but will work on it.

The GUI-libraries (mySTEP) are licenced using the LGPL and the full source is available.

We would be happy about feedback and suggestions.

To download the latest release:

H. N. Schaller
Here is a screen shot:

Some hints:
* use the menu key to switch X/Qt to full screen mode
* to end, simply use the shutdown menu entry of X/Qt
* you have to do a first tap so that the menu bars and windows come up
* the pen should be calibrated well enough since the NSViews and NSControls are a little small on the VGA screen
* the window manager sometimes does not raise the windows properly to the front

-- hns
... and again a new build (B86) is available that starts to work really well because many bugs have been fixed. You can now e.g. open/save files and the picture viewer works (although painfully slow). Other additions are a new myDatabase application which is a GUI wrapper for sqlite3.

Here is the link for the full package:

And the sources of mySTEP:

To directly browse the Objective-C Sources:

If you just want to test-drive the PIM applications compiled to run on a Mac:

As usual, any feedback, critics, encouragement, participation is welcome.

-- hns
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