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Full Version: Use KOrganizer/E with Mac iCal
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Not sure if this has been posted, but Mac users may be interested in hearing that KOrganizer/E from
will work with Apple iCal (Mac OS X).

Apple iCal stores its events in
The filename is actually the name of your calendar (in my case "Home"). If you have more than one calendar, there will be more than one file.

Copy this file to your Zaurus:

or in my case (Cacko ROM) it is actually:

The file has to be renamed to mycalendar.ics

That's it! KOrganizer will read your events.
No it will not! I tested it on a Zaurus 760 with no success. Did the previous poster confirm that this works before posting? Although the files appear to be similiar, there is a slight difference in the data generated by Apple iCal and KOrganizer that make them essentially incompatible.
It works for me with iCal 1.5.2. Although I've been using the import feature rather than just copying the file, and my calendar isn't very complicated.
Following on my earlier post, I was able to import the ics files into KOrganizer from Apple iCal, but had no success importing the data from KOrganizer into Apple iCal. In fact, iCal gives me an error message during import that the file contains unrecognized data. The workaround appears to be to export to a vCal file out of KOrganizer and then import the vCal file. I've been testing with the KOrganizer KO/Pi 1.6.1a, which is a beautiful piece of software, especially with the built-in synchronization feature. Unfortunately, since I've been unable to get iCal to recognize the ics files it generates, I've also been unable to use the sync function. I hope the author of this program will work to shore up compatbility with Apple iCal.
I've been using Korganizer KO/Pi with Sharp ROM 3.13 and ZiCal to transfer my ICS files back and forth from my Mac ( Use Sherlock's translate feature so you can get the gist of the page's Japanese content. It works well with my Netgear WiFi card on my AirPort network. The only thing we need now is an address book on the Z that uses vCards like OS X's address book. I was using OZ with Qtopia Desktop, but Qtopia Desktop is a little flaky. It's definitely a step in the right direction.
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