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Full Version: Available Work Area Is Very Low
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I'm lying here in bed listening to some tunes on MusicPlayer (wirelessly streaming drom my file server) and surfing the OE forums on Opera 7.3 and I keep getting the dialog in the subject. Anybody else get this? Where is the "work area" and how do you make it bigger? I'm using a c3100. Any ideas? Seems like I should be able to surf and listen to tunes...

I wonder if it happens with pocketworkstation, xmmx and firefox with the swap file?
I believe that's just referring to memory. I added a swap file and don't get the error anymore.

use the memory applet to create a 64mb swapfile on sd. then enable the sucker. you wont run out of memory. you can also use it to create a second one on cf ut our out of luck if you want wifi unless you have a c3100
I downloaded the following file:
from here:

Installed it and when I pulled up the applet, it said that I had a 64MB swap file already.
I have been playing with it a bit and haven't run into the Work Area is very low problem. I wonder if the applet found the swap file for my debian install.

How do you tell which swap file it is using?

Do you think it will conflict if I use debian pocketworkstation?
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