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Full Version: How To Take Pdair Cxxxx Case Off?
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I am sorry for this extremely newbie question - but I wanted to ask before I scratch / break / hurt anything on my shiny new C3100 or on the PdAir case.

So: I was able to put the case successfully on, with a very tight fit ( especially at the plastic clip next to the headphone socket).

How do I take the case off, if I need to access the back of the unit, without breaking the plastic clip on the top. I have carefully tried, but it looks there must be a trick to do that - since the clip on the top does not seem to be easy to be released...

Any comments / ideas from PdAir case owners would be very welcome.

Thank you - and sorry again for this stupid question...
I have a pdair case on my 1000 and I usually just use my finger to "pry" the clip next to the headphone port slightly away and down (towards the bottom of the Z), then I just pull the case carefully away from the other side of the Z, trying to be careful and not break the plastic "pin" that is inserted into a hole, and also not putting too much pressure on the little "c clip" thingy.

As I re-read my words above, I'm sure I'm doing more to confuse the situation rather than clarify it. smile.gif
QUOTE(offroadgeek @ Sep 14 2005, 09:44 AM)
As I re-read my words above, I'm sure I'm doing more to confuse the situation rather than clarify it. smile.gif

Thank you. Your answer is clear. I have tried to same thing you describe, but stopped, because I worried that forcing it would break the plastic clip. I also thought, that there may be a "trick" which I do not know about, since the instructions which came with the case were in Chinese.

I will try again tonight - and hope that nothing will break...

I have experimented quite a bit with this - and I have found, that the approach described above does not really work.

I have found, that the following works best (for me):

1. When inserting the Z in the case: insert the top plastic clip (next to headphone) first, the bottom (wide plastic, leather covered) last.

2. When taking case off: remove the bottom first, and the top plastic clip last. ( It may be easier to remove the bottom if you open the Z )

It is somewhat tight, but overall very simple...
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