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Full Version: x11, xqt and pocketworkstation
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Ok, so ive got pocketworkstation running and its great having a full debian system in my pocket, but a bit annoying to have to exit qtopia...

Ive also got X/Qt running, its amazing to see an X window appear inside qtopia, but i dont have much i can run in it.

So here are the questions:

1. From the x/qt website i can see it is possible to run the pocketworkstation distro inside x/qt but i just cant figure out how, can anybody help?? im sure others would find this useful too...

2. Where can i find software to run on the X/Qt system, can it run other X11 software and is there anywhere they are packaged in ipks?

3. What is the easiest (if any) way to get a recent version of Abiword onto an 860? (apart from the x11 rom, i have too much info stored in qtopia pims,etc)?

Can any guru's out there help save an x-junkies evening???
my first question was answered by tmurakam, on the dev site, just in case anyone else needs the info, here is how its done:

1) Install pocket workstation in SD/CF.
2) Edit /mnt/card/debroot/usr/local/bin/zvncserver as

- Modify "DISPLAY=..." as
- Comment out between "Xvnc..." to "sleep 5"

3) Start X/Qt server.
4) Start Vncserver in terminal as root.
Is VNCServer necesary?
AFAIK Vncserver is what serves the debian install to the X/Qt server

I have Pocketworkstation running with tkc2.51 using keypeeble instead Fbvnc so I can use both systems without shutting down each other. Just start vncserver and then start qtopia and connect with keypeeble to


I'm wondering if anyone else is having the problem I am using pocketworkstation with XQt server. Basically, I've set up the pocketworkstation chroot environment on my SD card and changed the DISPLAY variable to point apps to the XQt server as described in this thread. Everything works fine except that any xapps run from the debian side have a keymap problem with the ',/' key.

Pressing that key gives a semi-colon, shifted it gives a capital 'J'. So, I have no way to get a slash or comma (very annoying). Xapps run from the Qtopia side don't have this problem. I did a restore to the original Sharp ROM (am currently using Cacko's 'Daniela' 1.20) and did not get the same problem, so it's apparently something in the Cacko ROM causing the trouble.

Anyone experienced a similar problem or have any suggestions on a workaround? I've thought about using a program like KeyHelper to map a slash to some other key, but haven't had any luck yet.
naytheet: I can't remember exactly right now (I don't have my Zaurus with me), but you need to find a properties file that came with xqt-server (maybe it was the .desktop file in /opt/QtPalmtop/Applications) and erase a line that says something like

Locale = ja_JP

This will give you the correct keymapping.

Sorry if I can't be any more specific right now.

By the way, "quote selected" doesn't work for me ( Firefox 0.8 ).
By the way, "quote selected" doesn't work for me ( Firefox 0.8 ).

Join the club - Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.6) Gecko/20040206 Firefox/0.8

I only quote when I have to and then I have to type in the
by hand.

marc.oil, thats a tantalising clue, but unfortunately I couldnt find any "Locale = ja_JP" entries. I'd be very grateful if someone could spell it out for me. (I did find the /opt/QtPalmtop/apps/Applications/Xqt.desktop file)

I guess the fix is new, I was unable to find it on google yet.
Try typing 'export' in the terminal. I think it's an env var.

You can run PocketWorkstation inside a chroot with XQt and you don't need vncserver.
If you have other applications that require X like Firefox installed (outside the chroot environment) and you run them while PocketWorkstation is running, they just appear inside the same X session, sharing the same window manager look and feel, but run from their original location outside of the chroot environment. So you can mix and match smile.gif It works quite nicely.
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