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Full Version: Outlook 2003
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I just acquired a SL 5600 and I was not able to syncronize with Outlook 2003 running over Windows XP SP2.
When I tried to set up the sync with a remote folder the software crashed.
I read a note saying that the problem was with the exchange remote folders so it should work with local folders. I did it this way and it worked Ok. The problem is that it is better to sync with the remote folders.
Just by chance I switched one by one the sync from the local to the remote folder closing after moving each of the settings for each folder the software in order to make the change effective. Now I can sync with the remote folders (calendar, Email and address book).
Perhaps it only happend to me but I recommend the rest of the user to try it.

Other point: I called by phone the official service, very kind people but they don't know enough of the product. I

A question for the comunity: The unit that I have is refurbished and I have no way to know if it is the unit that it's needed to apply the software patch in order to speed it up. Any knows how to find out this?

Is it realy neccesary to apply the patch or it is a gossip?

Thanks a lot folks!
I've had problems with the Sync Configuration program crashing under WinXP SP2 as well. I've taken to making my adjustments in one section at a time (calender, to-do, etc.), then exiting and restarting the manager.

Also, IIRC I found that when I specified my remote Outlook folder, I had to exit immediately or it would crash when I tried to do anything else. I could then re-open the Configuration program and make my settings changes.
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