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Full Version: Newbie Question
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flying to japan next month and getting a C3100. what would you recommend i read up on before i buy it and what OS would be the best to install?

background, never used linux or bsd only used windows XP, windows mobile 2003se, and 10.4 tiger
for newbies, i recommend using the default sharprom. if you follow my links in my sig, you can change the look. then install meanie?s xqt installer which will run debian, openoffice. I recommend you buy wifi and bluetooth that works for the z. hardware compatability is a rere thing for the z. also buy the poweradaptor and do not use the japannesse one. buy the one that comes with the sl5500
which is the EA-70S.

after you learn the sharprom ropes, you can try other roms. the other roms are currently being developed. they are almost done and you can try these when you are brave enough.
where can i find the conversion to english package?
2 ways

1. you can remove the mmc convert file and just run it as is but if you want the english stuff, you need to modify a file.


change the ja to en and reboot.

or 2. install mcconvert_0.1a_arm so do a search in the forums.

i preffer the 1st option since it preserves jap stuff but i use the installer instead for convenience and ease of use.
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