I'm thinking about purchasing one of SL-C1000/3000/3100 palmtops but I have a question before I do it. I posted it on Z1000/Z3xxx forum (and got a partial answer - Maxima works on Z.), but it was suggested there to repost it here.

One of the (very) main reasons for me to use Linux palmtop is run mathematical software on it (so far I use Agenda VR3, but it can run at best Pari/GP). Since Zurus are not really cheap (at least for someone like me living and working in Poland), hence, I would buy a Zaurus if I'm sure it can run the software I need. So this is the question: does anyone know if the following app will (compile and) run on any of these models:
- Axiom: http://www.axiom-developer.org
This isn't a trivial questions since it has a bit complicated build-procedure (it'sbuild around GCL).

If anyone reading this forum has enough time and will to try to compile Axiom and report the result I would greatly appreciate - moreover it would be beneficial for the rest of the society if he/she made the compiled version available :-)

Thanks a lot in advance,