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I want to say sorry to all you guys. My latest post was not needed - it was stupid.

It's good to have a choice when wanted to install something other then 'SharpROM' on Zaurus. There are Cacko, OpenZaurus, there is PdaX, there is Watapon for not-so-popular 5600 and others so users can choose which one to try. Which one they find useful is their decision - who knows, maybe they choose OZ and then migrate to PdaX, maybe in other way... Some of them maybe will move something from one distro to another etc.

Sometimes I feel that devels which work on fixing kernels which Sharp gave us are crazy as it they (kernels, not devels) look awful - but sometimes there is no other way to get more stable system. Even 2.6 kernels on which we (OE/OZ devels) work behave in very strange way (last time it refused to see my CF card which was always working). Many of kernel bugs can be fixed sooner or later - it's sometimes a matter of finding someone who don't know that "it can't be fixed".

Buildsystems are another thing. Few months ago OpenEmbedded was scary because it needed lot of memory (1G was good amount) - this was changed. We worked on adding stuff which was not in repo but was available for PdaX (quake1, abiword, gnumeric and others) - some stuff from pdaX is not available in OE (like different WindowManagers) mainly because noone reported a need for it (maybe they find them in PdaX and stay with it).

When I find some time I will probably look into RC11 packages to find how to improve OE packages (like fixing frozen-bubble which is broken in OE).

Keep your work guys - you deserve it and there are users which wait for final version.
*applause* Well done hrw. I take back what I said, assuming you read it before it was deleted!
I think pdaxrom, OZ/Hentges, Cacko, Sharp, Watapon, Gulyhem.. are all great works and numerous efforts have been put in by their authors, developers and contributors..
Its up to the user of Z to choose which one they prefer (we should help them as a Z community)..
We all should work together and beat the dark side (WM2005) and advance beyond them... not fight against each others... it will only kill us .... and at the end, the dark side will just laugh...

that was really nice of you to post this note. well done sir!

i think part of the fun is to have many options and of course options would be meaningless unless we have our own opinions about them.

i try out every (practically) rom that comes out and my current favourite is pdaXrom but i have also liked all the others.

so, please keep going...


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