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Full Version: Is It Possible To Change Networking Device
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Basically I've just recently found the aegis client for the 6000 and it works great, allowing me to access our corporate network (all buildings are wifi enabled smile.gif ) and I can use opera to access OWA (outlook web access). The great thing is that I can have full access to my email and calendar (live without syncing) and I can leave my heavy laptop at my desk, and I don't have to buy a corporate approved MS device.

Now I'm trying to see if I can get this client to work on my 1000, simply because I prefer the 1000 keyboard over the 6000 (trade off being that the 6k has the built in wifi). It's my understanding that the aegis client was built to only work with the wlan0 device on the 6000, though I'm assuming that it could work with any Z with wlan0. So, can eth0 be changed to wlan0? Or should I just be happy that it works on the 6000...

P.S. I called meetinghouse to ask if they were planning to continue development on the client for the zaurus, and I got a voicemail back saying that they had no plans to. Basically one of their customers paid them a good sum of money to port the client to the 6000 for their own use, and then allowed them to release the client and charge a nominal fee for it. The guy in the voicemail said that there were slim chances that we could get the client to continue development, but almost nil chances of getting the source. Either way, it was more info then what I was expecting smile.gif
Whether this is possible or not depends more or less on the driver. Linux contains general support for that in matters of *) driver parameters, **) procfs/sysfs parameters, and **) the 'ifrename' utility.
wpa_supplicant and/or xsuplicant should provide the same features as the aegis client since that's what all the linux people use at our eap/ttls uni network
So, can eth0 be changed to wlan0?

With Cacko ROM - YES, assuming the card uses HostAp drivers

1. Edit /etc/pcmcia/hostap_cs.conf and comment line with module parameter
2. Edit /etc/QtPalmtop/etc/network/WLAN.conf and change Device=eth to Device=wlan
3. Restart Qtopia and recreate your network connections
4. (may not be needed )If network applet stays in Connecting state when the card has actualy connected, issue the following form console:

qcop QPE/Network "up()"
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