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Full Version: A Few Questions About Appearance...
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Apologies if the answers to these questions are buried in the forum somewhere but I couldn't find them.

1. I'd like to change the size of the scroll bars used under PdaXrom. Is this possible? I had a little nose around to see if I could find any config files with this in but alas I failed.

2. Going one stage further is it possible to skin the screen widgets under PdaXrom, to resemble Cacko 1.22 for example? I realise that this might not be to everyone's taste but if you could give me some pointers I could post the results up to the forum. Would I need to change window managers to do this?

If this sort of stuff is held in a set of man pages/info/FAQ list somewhere then a link would be great.

3. Slightly more ambitious but how hard would it be to edit the source code to abiword to reduce the size of the file/open dialogue so that it fits completely on to the screen? Surely it's only a simple change (famous last words....) as the contents of the dialogue look like they would fit within 640x480. I'm a Java developer but it looks like I'd better learn C++ if I want to contribute to Zaurus software. tongue.gif


There is some info on the Wiki It only covers using ROX instead of Matchbox. The openbox themes can also be easily changed too see
For more control, try fvwm & xfce as window managers.
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