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Full Version: Need To Convert My 3100 To English!
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Hi all, just got my 3100 delivered from pricejapan. It looks great but I need to convert it to english!

I thought this would be straightforward, as I read this:
"Launch the terminal and change the /home/zaurus/Settings/locale.conf file to use 'en' instead of 'ja'."

But I can't figure out how to launch the terminal! (or reboot for that matter.)

Could I do this if I get it connected to my PC? I haven't managed to get the USB connection to work yet either, I'm using Ubuntu but I've got a PC with Windows if necessary.

Please help, i'm itching to use my zaurus!!!!

TIA. Emil
Go to

Download the backup file for the 3100 ( NOT the NAND backup! ).

Install it, following the instructions in the startup quide, to be found on the same site.

That will turn your 3100 into English, and will add various applications, drivers etc. too...
Hi thanks. But is there a way to do it without changing the software? I want to change that eventually, but just for now i was hoping I could just edit /home/zaurus/Settings/locale.conf ? all i need is a terminal then i can fire up vi or whatever, change it, surely? then figure out how to reboot...
The terminal application is not installed by default. It is on one of the CDs that came with your 3100.
UPDATE! I've managed to edit the settings file and reboot, by using a windows computer to upload the terminal program, and using vi to edit the settings file.

I'm going to type up the instructions hopefully with screenshots!!

i have 2 ways as to installing the software.

the first way is mcconvert and the other way is using zeditor(english) to change the local file. after installing it, hold icon down and click on start up as root user and remove the magnify icon. and in local.conf edit the ja to en and save and reboot. simple as 123.
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