I installed debian on hdd3 on my c3000, Im running the sharp rom.

I keep having these problems getting things to work, the current list of things I would like to fix is:

1. GPS,
I get my cf gps to work under qtopia with gpsd and qpeGPS, but not under debian with gpsdrive, Im guessing its because debian cannot access the cf card?

2. WIFI under debian,
I have the Asus cf wifi card and it works like a charm in qtopia, for some reason, one time when I booted debian it worked there as well, without me doing any kind of configuring. but alas that was the exception as all other times I cannot get it to work I dont even know what to try.

3. USB mouse in debian,
I tried to get my usb mouse to work both in qtopia with libmouseapplet and debian but neither would work.... the mouse is lighting up (the optical sensor) and its detected as some unknown device in usb as far as I can tell from dmesg

4. USB keyboard in debian,
the keyboard mapping of my usb keyboard is pretty good on qtopia but inside debian only the left shift and the letters and space and enter and backspace works, the rest like the arrow buttons and signs like . , : ; () * etc doesnt work, is there any fix for this?

Ive been lookign around for infomations on these topics but so far Ive gotten nowhere, I appreciate any hints from people who have got the above working