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Full Version: Just Got Choosing Rom...
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Hey guys,

I've just gotten my 760 (has Cacko on it now), and Im overloaded by all the info on the board. Ive read all these posts and still don't know what direction to head.

I have a treo650, which is my main PDA, but I got the zaurus because of the mini-laptop/wifi potential. Im going to use it mainly for word/excel/internet/email, but like to play around with different apps - I guess 'extensibility' is the word Im looking for.

It seems like pdaxrom is where I should be headed, but am still not clear on the whole issue.

I know everyone has their opinion on ROMs around here, but I'd really like to hear some positive and negatives to a few of the more popular ones. Im not a total Linux geek, but Im quite comfortable with it (especially with the great support available around here). Would you say pdaxrom is the most user-friendly, stable, linux-ish ROM for the Zaurus?

Thanks guys!

[So far: c760 running Cacko, wcf12 wireless, 1gb SD, socket BT]
if you got a c3100, you could of installed debian and openoffice on top of sharprom or cacko.
QUOTE(Cresho @ Sep 25 2005, 02:38 PM)
if you got a c3100, you could of installed debian and openoffice on top of sharprom or cacko.

Thats true...but If I had to spend $700, I would have gotten an iBook. Im a poor student at the moment, so all I could afford was a 760 @ $250.

So what are my options now?
cacko is a very good start.
Wow, 250 for a 760. What a steal. I spent almost as much for a 700. Good for you.

If you are going to do much broadband wireless browsing go right to PDAXROM. Dillo, its browser is the only way I've seen to get speed comparable to what you get used to on your desktop.

If browsing is not that important start with the Cacko Rom. That is probably what you should do. It works out of the box and you will learn about applications also on PDAXROM such as KOPi the scheduling program (best software I have ever used). With PDAXROM it helps immensely to have experience with the same applications on linux. Otherwise many of the applications, especially XMMS the music player are hard to handle, unless you have really great vision to read all of the menus and submenus (that are more easily learned from the desktop software).

Rule 1, have a good time.
Hi, I got a 760 last week too... It had the sharp base ROM, so now has been upgraded to Cacko which is excellent. 1.23 shouldn't be too far away, either, so "keep watching the skies" smile.gif

I'm installing X/qt and Debian from Meanie's jumbo pack. It all seems to live quite happily on a 512MB SD card, which leaves me the CF slot should I ever want to go wireless.

I was about to buy an SL-C3100, but then like you decided that I didn't need to spend that much - after all, the 760 has 64MB/128MB flash, good screen, good processor, etc, so I couldn't justify the extra especially if there's a new model to be announced late this year/early next year! (And that's just speculation!)
Im definately going to be doing alot of broadband browsing. Infact, another question I had was, If Im at school I need a cisco VPN client to connect to their wireless network. I think I saw there was a cisco vpn client around somewhere, right?

Anyway, just playing around with Cacko on the 760 has opened my eyes to the possibilites. My wireless card should be here by weeks-end, so Im kind of waiting to do the rom upgrade untill I have the wireless. Until then, keep up the opinions! I really appreciate it.
So Far, happily using pdaxrom with xfce4 and ROX.

Soooo many great apps out there.

Still trying to get vpnc to work. Anyone out there running this?

Thanks for all the help guys!
Yes, I must admit to trying Pdaxrom and being amazed at it - it's superb. For me, the two major issues are lack of a browser suited to the platform as well as either opera or netfront are, and the lack of sync to outlook.

I will try to put some effort into addressing those once I have finished helping with another beta program.
QUOTE(maswell @ Oct 12 2005, 03:32 PM)
Still trying to get vpnc to work.  Anyone out there running this?

there was a guy who posted in the UK forums about having done in.. but his website has disappeared, I will ask him to put it back.

you need the tun/tap module in the kernel to make it work.

I use Pdaxrom/xfce/rox on my 760. I am very pleased.

As for the browser issue, I really liked opera on the sharp-based roms.

My solution (at home) is to run firefox remotely off one of my linux boxes. It performs well and obviously has all the features of firefox. I just ssh -X into my linux box and lauch firefox from there.

- L
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