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Full Version: Inode Errors In Flash - Cacko1.23rc10. Solutions?
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Hello all,

I am using the Cacko1.23RC10 beta ROM for the C3100.

It works great and using the Cacko feed makes installing new applications very easy.

However I messed something up, and I am looking now for possible solutions.

The easiest solution would be to reflash Cacko - but I want to avoid that if I can.

So: I did something (probably installed something) when the C3100 totally locked up ( or better: after waiting a few minutes for my unit, which did not react to anything I gave up and I pressed the reset button).

The unit came back to life, however during the boot process I saw a half dozen messages related to Inode errors. One message at the end said, that these errors had been fixed.

I rebooted again: got the same errors - so obviously the fix did not work.

I was not sure where the error was, so I run fsck from the system menu ( OK + on/off, option 2, option 2). Results: my HD is clean.

Still: the inode errors still exists.

So, I suspect, that somehow the filesystem in flash got corrupted. (small corruption, since everything seems to work fine). The part of the filesystem which got corrupted is then mounted as read-only, and therefore the system is unable to fix it.

Is there a way to remount the flash filesystem as read-write, and do a fsck (or something similar) on it? Would that work? Or is a clean re-install my only solution?

Thanks for any advice (and sorry for the long post)

Update: Just got a message from Anton Maslowsky: he informed me, that Inode errors are normal, and no reason for worry...
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