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Full Version: C3100 Tetsu Kernel
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I want to try modyfied kernel for C31000- I read tetsu made a new kernel but when i try to connect to his site i receive page not found...Any Helps ?
I think the site is just temporarily down. Try again later.

Tetsu's site seems to be down for quite some time now. I happened to download the needed files jussst before it went away.

I put up a page (just after reading this post even, how bout that) so you can get the kernel if you need it that bad. I have put up some instructions (it was real late, bare with me) on how to update. You might want to get the original kernel file as well since that'll let you go back.

Tetsu v18b Kernel for Sharp Zaurus C3100

Yes, is my server. No, there isn't anything else there for you to see. biggrin.gif

Be blessed and I hope that helps you out. blink.gif
very good guide polito !
i follow it and i successfully installed tetsu kernel on my C3100 !
Thanks !!!!
Great biggrin.gif I'm glad I didn't stay up an extra hour for nothing biggrin.gif

Technically I also downloaded the images necessary to install the latest kernels for B500/SL-5500/SL-5600 and SL-6000 (not v18b but v16a for SL-6000L, and v14e for B500/SL-5500/5600 aka poodle, as v18b was the latest for C3100).

I just didn't upload the files for those, so if someone does need it and can't get to Tetsu's site, let me know and I'll jam the files up there.

One note is that the B500/SL5500/SL5600 and SL6000 updaters need a consolescroll file in addition to which I also downloaded... again.. if someone needs that let me know and I'll slave again to put it up on my site. biggrin.gif

Do you know if this kernel for C3100 works for the C1000 ? I didn't found the tetsu C1000 kernel but i have seen some guys in this forum with a C1000 and this kernel ??
No, this is only for the C3100. The C3000 and the C1000 have their own kernel images and they are only for v18a actually.

It seems Tetsu's page is back up and you can see the kernel page here:

If you can't read Japanese (like me) then you can go to:

And input the web address to whatever site you want to read which is in Japanese and select the second radio button. Then click the submit button. It will open the translated page in another window. I don't seem to be able to follow links afterward in the translated page but usually I just follow along in another window with the all japanese page and get the URL and then feed it into the translator site again. Works for me.
all sorts of weird errors, but booted anyways, how wierd.
Yeah you're likely going to see things concerning the MMC/SD slot which I saw but from reading on some other post when they were debugging something completely different on a stock rom, it seemed the weird error messages coming up with it were normal only you couldn't see them since you usually have the Sharp Logo instead of the console messages. Perhaps that's part of why Sharp decided to hide the start up messages.. so far it hasn't affected my use of the Z at all.
Do any of those errors mention Inode 4xx: Was a directory with children, and stuff about trying to free a non-existant resource? Is that just my Zaurus, or everybody's? It worries me, it appears every boot..
QUOTE(Merardon @ Oct 2 2005, 01:16 PM)
Do any of those errors mention Inode 4xx: Was a directory with children, and stuff about trying to free a non-existant resource? Is that just my Zaurus, or everybody's? It worries me, it appears every boot..

Don't worry about it!

It's everyones Zaurus. It is just debug info from the jffs2 driver, as mentioned before normally you don't see it as the Sharp logo is covering the screen.

Yes, the first time the special kernel booted up I was concerned, but those error messages don't seem to mean anything, as the Zaurus boots and runs fine.
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