I have a Sharp SL-5600 that I thought was dead... well it still might be, I'm not sure.

I found some information about getting into a Diagnostic mode on the device and was able to get it to come up in diagnostic mode or in services mode.

I've run the diagnostics there and can't seem to find anything wrong with the hardware..but it won't boot for me. I've tried a NAND restore from a file I found online but it's still not working. The file I used is located here: http://galacticslacker.com/downloads/SYST5600.DBK/

Has anyone had any luck restoring from this file? The creator admits that he's never had to use it.

I am fairly certain I have a PXA250 cpu in the my sl-5600 so in theory it should work.

Anyone have a NAND file for a sl-5600 that they know has worked for recovery? Any help would be appreciated.