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Full Version: No Hdd?
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installed pdax, and no access to my hdd?

Model: SL-C3100

tried fdisk -l and it doesnt even see it....

and second, system over clock doesnt launch.

oh yea, how do you get it to suspend when you close the cover, or do you?

forgive me, this is all new.

btw, this is amazing, I cannot believe the work you guys have done smile.gif
the system overclock doesnt work on my c3100 too

but the hdd should be available. when you have no cf card inserted it should be hda1 to hda3 and if a cf card is inserted it appears to be hdc1 to hdc3.

just try "mount /dev/hda3 /mnt/ide3"

i would recommend you to install xfce as a windowmanger with the mounting tool
that seems to be all the issues or are there more? also the suspend thingie when I close the lid, this is not implemented?
more stupid questions, how do I create an account to login to pdax? I can get in with root, but thats just in general a bad idea, also fdisk -l or mount is not seeing the hdd, how wierd.
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