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Full Version: Newest Sylpheed 2.1.3 With Gpg 1.4.2 ...
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This is the second apps porting i'm working on...

This Sylpheed development version 2.1.3 was build with GPG support...

Description of build:

1. Optimize for xscale
2. Strip version ..
3. Build with RC11 SDK

1. GPGME 1.0.3 (attachment)
2. GNUPG 1.4.2 (attachment)
3. BZIP (get from feed)
4. ReadLine (get from feed)
5. GPG error lib (get from feed)

1. GNU pth ... don't work
2. GPG SM... don't work yet....

Note: You will need to remove builtin Sylpheed 2.0.1

If any library is missing, please mesg me...
Please test... if you like ...

Click to view attachmentClick to view attachment[attachment=994:attachment

Coming up next... new abiword...
I'm running out of space with my account... any place i can upload my builds in the future?
Could you compile sylpheed-claws also?

And if possible with the maildir plugin. The support in sylpheed for managing emails while offline is a bit
lacking. With the maildir plugin we could use the offlineimap package to synchronize folders.

Other than offline support sylpheed is a very very nice mail client.
(Question: do you know how can I subscribe only to certain IMAP folders? Sylpheed shows
me everything in my home directory, which I don't like..)

Keep up the good work
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