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I know enough to be dangerous (mostly to myself) in linux and can read/follow dirs well but the Z is a new deal for me. I'm trying to get a browser on my 3.3.5 version and am going to lose my mind doing it. I can't get konq to install because of some libxine dependency. That seems to be the final problem but I can't find it anywhere.

Is it part of another package or can someone direct me to the right place? AND can it be installed to my sd card? When I try i get the 'failed to create symlink' for every link. This has something to do with permissions maybe? If so which command should work effectively?

And last question today: I REALLY want to sync with evolution but when I install multi sync the only options i have or can even select are the opie/zaurus plug in's. I installed the evo one but multisync doesn't see it.
Has anyone tried and been successful with kitchensync as an alternative?

Thanks in advance.
Okay, it's Occam's razor. THe simplest explanation is usualy right. Your problem is libxine, so why don't you install libxine????

It's available in the OpenZaurus feed I'm pretty sure and if not it's available at the zsi.

Also, Opera works just fine in 3.3.5

You have to make one manual symlink which you can find if you search these forums, and someone was saying that there is a version that works without making any symlinks but I think that was over at the sharp site which is down still.

I can't help you much with evo as i don't use it.
Yes it is in the feed:

When I try i get the 'failed to create symlink' for every link. This has something to do with permissions maybe?

For every one? Or just some - if it's just some then this is normal as (AFAIK) ipkg tries to symlink everything from the file down to the root directory:

/mnt/card/usr/local/lib/ -> /usr/local/lib/ (must work - or it won't be available)
/mnt/card/usr/local/lib/ -> /usr/local/lib/ (might work)
/mnt/card/usr/local/ -> /usr/local/ (might work)
/mnt/card/usr/ -> /usr/ (won't work as it already exists)
/mnt/card/ -> / (won't work as it already exists)


Another thing to look at is the format of your SD card. Ext2 works, fat has issues - due to it not supporting symlinks. That said, if you're willing to use the command line you can get around this (but the install process may have already failed. The problem is not creating a symlink from the SD to the flashROM as symlink on the flashROM can happily point to a fat/vfat filesystem, but rather that there are also a couple of symlinks created on the SD card too: -> ->

where is the only real file. So you can skip this step and create all of the symlinks on the flashROM pointing to the single real file in the SD card.

Confused? I am ;-)

I know nothing about sync, but would recommend you get hold of Opera 6 or 7 and install that as it's supposed to be better than konq (I use Opera, haven't used Konq for a long long time).

The 3.3.5/3.3.6 feeds work well with Multisync. It requires a later version of Multisync, .81 or later, and a late version of Evolution, 1.4 or later.

First make sure the 'connection' works. With the USB and the cradle this is trouchy but it works, ping and or ssh should work as an example./

Then configure your multisync options.

This path requires a few steps. I will help you through it if you agree to document the results in the wiki faq for others.

Absolutely. I would be happy to share what works. I will flash up with 3.3.6 to start it running.
I have been using konqurer for sometime now with no problem, maybe a synlink or two but nothing major. I am also a huge fan of Multisync, I don't know what I would do without it, well I know I would be using my Z alot less.
I'm still working to get multisync working. for some reason it won't recognize one or the other plug ins. I'll keep trying to figure it out. Kitchensync sees it on the wlan but not the cradle. One step at a time.

Opera is 'almost' working. i don't have icons at this moment but i know there's a thread about it. never could get konq to work, mostly patience.
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