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Full Version: Opera - What's Needed To Make It Work?
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Well, I've been pdaXromming for 3 days now on my SL-C1000. It's very nearly got everything I need, but there's really two things I miss: syncing to outlook and Opera (or netfront)

I tried the opera install from IBM, but that is very heavily geared towards the QTPalmtop environment, so needs all the QT Palmtop libs to work. Sorry for the newbie question, but is there any way that these can be installed into PdaXRom as a "compatability" layer in the same way that OpenZaurus has a compatability layer? Is there anything from OZ that could be brought into PdaXRom?

I assumed that others would have asked this so I checked the faq and searched, but there didn't seem to be any answer.

Would this be something that others would be interested in? I'd like to help, so if someone with a bit more development experience could pitch in, who knows, perhaps we could bring a compatability layer to pdaxrom?

Or am I talking wibble? biggrin.gif
A compatibility layer like openzaurus/opie is not possible IMHO.

With something like that :

Maybe you could en up doing something....
Thanks for that link, that looks exceptionally interesting! As you mention, it might be problematic to get stuff working with different versions of everything without having the source code. Whilst opera has moved to be free, I doubt they'll be opening up the source any day now wink.gif ... but we can hope!

I shall have a play when I find some time biggrin.gif - thanks!
opera would be nice, but I see more hope in persuing the dillo-hacked concept and getting dillo to do ssl, etc.

My perspective on this is that with plugins, firefox is really more powerful than opera, the only downside being the long load time.

Dillo already runs in pdaxrom, it just doesn't handle some possibly important stuff --like ssl. There was, years ago a hack on dillo to make it handle more. I first saw it in Damn Small Linux.

Basically, if the advantage you are looking for in opera is loading speed, then dillo might be another potential solution to the issue.

If it is simply a matter of running opera to run opera.... well that says it all. If it works out, id enjoy running it myself smile.gif
for a quick browser with https support you can try w3m (it won't render fonts but it does display images):

I also like links started with -g, it's fast and navigation with the keyboard is great (on a clamshell)

That looks good... How about looking at Minimo? I've not yet tried that, but that might be well suited to the Z?
to me... minimo is as slow as any mozilla browser (due to the gecko engine), but without all those features we like of mozilla browsers. A sort of dillo written in gw-basic emulated with frodo smile.gif

If I were you I'll keep:
1) firefox as ultra compatible - elephant weighted
2) w3 or linksg for fast browsing
3) konq as a not so slow not so feature-filled firefox alternative

Netfront would be amazing, but qtopia portings don't look that near to me...
hadn't tried w3m... looks like I should, thanks.

I agree about minimo--nice idea, not so nice in reality
which konq is working?
konqueror-embedded; I'm a bit in a hurry right now, but you should find a post with konq packages in the forum
I like links ... -g
I hope sash makes -g default from now on.

Also, dillo is decent, but they need to get just a wee bit more compatibility and then it will be great!

For reading text, dillo is great, but it's annoying to have to switch to firefox every time a site doesn't render.

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