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Full Version: A Rellay Stupid Question About Installing Apps
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I must be doing something stupid - but I don't know what: so any advice would be welcome!

I am trying to install various games and applications.

One example would be: lgeneral_1.2beta-2_arm.ipk ( or another: lmarbles_1.0.7-2_arm.ipk).

The file is on my SD card, so I use the Qtopia files tab to find it. When launching the file, it takes me to the package installer. When I select "install" I get the following message:

"The filename of this package includes character this application cannot handle. Please change the filename"

Ok. I try again, now from the console.

I go to the folder where the file is, and enter:

ipkg install lgeneral_1.2beta-2_arm.ipk

I get the following message:

Cannot create directory '//home/tmp/ipkg/lgeneral': permission denied

Ok. I try now as superuser.

ipkg install lgeneral_1.2beta-2_arm.ipk

Now I get:

Unpacking lgeneral.... Done
Configuring lgeneral... cd: can't cd to /usr/mnt.rom/card/games/

I am not sure, what that means, so I try to launch lgeneral: but it does not work. There is no icon either...

When I check however in the package uninstaller: the application / game is there, and I can uninstall it. So something was installed. But where? And how do I use it?

What am I doing wrong here? These are applications which work for others.

I must be forgetting something stupid.

But what?

Any advice would be very welcome...

redownload the package
you need zports

if you downloaded an old snes nientiendo, you wont have it.

if you have the new nientiendo from my site, you can play snes nes and zports sdl games. and lgames.

it gives you instructions as well as to upgrading.

came out of left field here.
QUOTE(Cresho @ Oct 8 2005, 05:09 PM)
you need zports


Cresho, thank you.

However I have the same problem with several other files too (sometimes libraries). Not all of them are games... ( for example some tkc demo's do the same thing )

(I have by the way downloaded all of them multiple times...)

I will try zports tomorrow - but I do not think that it will help.

Any other possible reasons, that could cause this?

It must be something very simple - I just don't know what...
QUOTE(GadgetGuy @ Oct 9 2005, 05:21 AM)
(I have by the way downloaded all of them multiple times...)

Try to download those packages from the Internet directly into the Zaurus and not to your PC/SD Card. On the Z, save the packages into the Internal Flash and not to your SD Card.
I have found the problem smile.gif

Based on the various comments I experimented quite a bit.

And I have found out, that if the path on which the .ipk file can be found contains a space ( i.e. one of the folders has a space in the name): ipkg will not work ( you get the kind of problems I have describe ).

Removing the space from the folder name allowed me to install the .ipk file with no problem.

The Zaurus is FUN even if sometimes a bit stupid...

Thanks again for the comments / advice
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