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Full Version: Anyone Have Success Setting Up Pptp
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i've manage to get a copy of pptp but im having no success in getting it to work it doesnt log anything ANYWHERE as far as I can tell that says if or what or why it failed!

Has anyone managed to get this running on their Z?
just a little more details.. I'm trying to get the PDA to joing my companies VPN

I've set up my chap-secrets file, this contains :

domain\\user PPTP password
PPTP domain\\user password

I created an options.pptp file in /etc/options.pptp , this contains :

mtu 1000
mru 1000
name 'domain\user'
remotename PPTP

I created a peers directory under /etc/ppp

and in there added a peer file domain-vpn , which contains

# Server IP: IP address
# Route: add -net address TUNNEL_DEV

name domain\\user
remotename PPTP

file /etc/ppp/options.pptp

this means you can run pptp as follows

pptp domain-address call domain-vpn

however on invoking this nothing happens..I get the feeling i've missed out a device definition somewhere but i don't know where. I've become a bit complacent with ppp/pptp stuff over time now as most distros now contian script management to handle the setup / control of this stuff...

what have I missed if anything?
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