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Full Version: Python-bluez (pybluez)
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Does anybody know where I might find an *.ipk of the python-bluez module?

Thanks in advance.

My my! The silence is deafening! dry.gif

Managed to sort this one out for myself in case anyone else wants to know.

Firstly install zgcc on your Zee. I got mine from Zaurus Onboard Development Tools

Next get Debian Package for Version 0.3 from the Project's homepage.

Upload the Debian package onto your Zee and use dpkg to unpack it.

cd to the directory created by unpacking the debian package and then cd to the src directory inside it.


python install

This will add PyBluez to your site-packages.

Now test it works by plugging in your CF Bluetooth card and running this script.

# Auth: Albert Huang <>
# desc: demonstration of how to do asynchronous device discovery by subclassing
#       the DeviceDiscoverer class
# $Id:,v 1.2 2005/04/04 05:02:13 albert Exp $

import bluetooth
import select

class MyDiscoverer(bluetooth.DeviceDiscoverer):

   def pre_inquiry(self):
       self.done = False

   def device_discovered(self, address, device_class, name):
       print "%s - %s" % (address, name)

       # get some information out of the device class and display it.
       # voodoo magic specified at:

       major_classes = ( "Miscellaneous",
                         "LAN/Network Access point",
                         "Imaging" )
       major_class = (device_class >> 8) & 0xf
       if major_class < 7:
           print "  %s" % major_classes[major_class]
           print "  Uncategorized"

       print "  services:"
       service_classes = ( (16, "positioning"),
                           (17, "networking"),
                           (18, "rendering"),
                           (19, "capturing"),
                           (20, "object transfer"),
                           (21, "audio"),
                           (22, "telephony"),
                           (23, "information"))

       for bitpos, classname in service_classes:
           if device_class & (1 << (bitpos-1)):
               print "    %s" % classname

   def inquiry_complete(self):
       self.done = True

d = MyDiscoverer()
d.find_devices(lookup_names = True)

readfiles = [ d, ]

while True:
   rfds = readfiles, [], [] )[0]

   if d in rfds:

   if d.done: break

If all is working OK, you should see the output of a scan for all Bluetooth devices in the area.
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any chance in providing the files?
Thanks to you for providing this useful addition to the Python repository for the Zaurus.

It would be great to get just the phython-blueZ file by itself so that it can be added to the Kopsis (or the Mickyl) python package by hand.
cant seem to get it compiled with meanies cramfs of gcc, keeps giving an error and exit code 1...
Where can I get complete python-bluez for Z?
I did get it to compile, although I am not sure if it works fully, may be limited in functionality. Basically couldnt get some of the examples to work. Maybe I should try compiling 0.3 instead of 0.5 or was that 0.6?
You see than you do.
I m kettle in this work.
PLease, when you will complete your work with pybluez, put them in this topic. Okay?

Sorry for my bad English smile.gif.
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