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Full Version: Installing to sd uses up internal storage!
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I'm on a 64/0 oz rom. 3.3.6 .
After installing a few apps onto sd card with
ipkg -d sd install /path/some.ipk
I run out of space on the internal storage {ie. /dev/root} it starts complaining that
"can't open staus file: /mnt/ram/usr/ then various files 'cause "no space left on device"?
What am I doing wrong?
Probably nothing. Symlinks use memory on the flashROM.

can't open staus file: /mnt/ram/usr/

I thought you were using a 64-0 ROM? You shouldn't have a /mnt/ram
I thought you were using a 64-0 ROM? You shouldn't have a /mnt/ram

I think he does have the mount point /mnt/ram but there's nothing mounted. Therefore, if he installs in Ram he basically installs into Flash ROM.

Maybe you want to check that /etc/ipkg.conf shows the correct mount points for the destinations and that something is mounted at /mnt/card? (was my problem if that happened to me)
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