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Full Version: Keyhelper : Del Code ?
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I want to map Del key in my Z c3100 but i dont know what is the code ?
Anyone can help me ?

What is the Del code ?
127? If you mean backspace, then the code is 8, which corresponds to Ctrl H.
thanks for your attention but i dont mean backspace but DEL key
i see in

there is

#define XK_Cancel 0xFF69 /* Cancel, stop, abort, exit */

#define XK_Delete 0xFFFF /* Delete, rubout */

i try to

<define Key="F21">
<map code="FF69"/>
<map_unicode code="FF69"/>

but it doesent work......
yea, this would be nice, since there is a DEL Fn button, upper right key, normally the backspace
Are you sure that you are using the right syntax for the keyhelper.xml file? In my keyhelper.xml file, all references to the word "key" are in lower case. I do not see any instance of "map code" but rather "map key". Also, it is not enough to modify the keyhelper.xml file. You have to use

khctl restart

to stop and start keyhelper. I am using KeyHelper on the Sharp ROM.
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