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Full Version: Themes And Icon Packs
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I think the work which Cresho and Bam have put into building nice looking themes for the zaurus is great and thanks for the effort. I know how painstakingly difficult and timeconsuming it is to work out all the little details. However, might I make a suggestion to the packaging of those bundles. It would be great to separate out several categories:

icon packs which add/remove icons for the application
colour schemes
decorations and styles - title bars, scroll bars, buttons

if each was in a separate package, then one could install multiple style packages and choose between them and only would have to replace the icon packages without loosing the styles and colour schemes.
that is exactly what i was about to suggest to bam. There is no reason to have a bluegant and a gant since you can already modify colors with the built in zaurus appearance as long as the theme is in there. There is no software or tab icon which gives you an option to change the look of the icons though unless you use the tab settings which would painstakingly take you 4 hours to do the change mannually.

I opted for the ipk install since all it does is replace icons and saves space on the pda.

For this one though, the theme needs to match the icons. I already started replicating the guy's style and have started creating some icons. Not gona be a short ride since .......probably gona take me 4 months to finish the ones needed at this rate. I am how ever gona put out the ipk icon pack and ill leave it up to bam to finish the buttons and taskbar. Then, we will see if version 1.2 gets married or stays devorsed.

But at the end, since we just want this to be a simple change, I opted in keeping everything in just one file.
details about the files i am doing.

the original files are very small. 64x64. Im using photoshop and the files are ending up as 128x128. After I am done with the needed ones, I will mass batch convert them to the file sizes needed. I have the style ready using illustrator and I have a texture background ready which looks identicle to the original authors. I also have the shadowing per line pixle which casts that nice look from the black line border to the texture surface. It's not difficult to replicate but it is alot of work.
cool. sure whatever I can do to help, Actually BlueGant is just a continuation of Creshos Gant theme, just tweaked and added to. All we need is someone to do a "Theme Manager" so the individual can select different themes easily, rather than use an ipk, which needs o be installled/uninstalled, with the theme manager you can just simply overwrite it smile.gif
version 1.2 of "what"? I need the icons to see what your looking for.... smile.gif

actually This weekend I will be looking into making something dark, just preliminary but hey whay not?

actually the theme manager needs to just control install of icons, the rest is already built in separtly via rom application "appearance"
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