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Full Version: Syncing Between Korganizer And Korganizer/e
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I am using KOrganizer on my desktop (Debian Sid, KDE 3.4) and KOrganizer on my 3100. How do I sync the two? What software do I use? KitchenSync? How do I configure it? My WLAN is all set up, and both the desktop and the Z can ping each other and visit websites and everything...but I have no idea how to get them to sync! Any help is appreciated. smile.gif

Is this even possible? What is the best way to sync between the Zaurus and my desktop? I use KOrganizer on the desktop, but I am flexible on the Zaurus...I chose KOrganizer since it sounds like they would be the easiest to synchronize. Help!?
QUOTE(bkudria @ Oct 20 2005, 05:17 AM)

Is this even possible?  What is the best way to sync between the Zaurus and my desktop?  I use KOrganizer on the desktop, but I am flexible on the Zaurus...I chose KOrganizer since it sounds like they would be the easiest to synchronize.  Help!?

KO/pi works reasonably well for me (although it takes ages to sync because it needs to transfer the entire set of data from one to the other, sync then write the result back).


I'm not familiar with the stock KOrganizer, does it allow you to sync against an ICS file? If so then it should also work with that (but you may need to set up your own scripts to actually do the file transfer).

- Raymond
I use both Ko/pi from kdepim 2.2.3 on my c3k and windoz XP desktop. I only initiate sync from the XP. Via USB and SSH are pretty reliable except that I always have problem doing write back to the Z. After the write back, while still connected via USB, the ICS file will appear to be updated because from XP explorer the time stamp is current. But if I do a ls on the Z ICS file, it will retain the old time stamp. Also Korganizer on the Z will not show any updated items. Only after I reboot the Z will I see the updated ICS file and Korganizer will load all the updated entries. It appears to be a weird file lock or something along that line. It could be that I have the data storage location changed from /home/zaurus/kdepim (on the flash?) to /hdd3/Document/kdepim (on the vfat hd). The work around for me now is just to update my schedule on the Z only so I do not need any write back. The ICS file is not that big (about 500k) and syncing is quite fast. I have not tried write back via SSH yet.

I have to admit that syncing in Ko/pi is definitely not as foolproof (especially for an idiot like me! tongue.gif ) as in Palm. But I love my Z and enjoy learning Linux; there is no way in hell will I go back to Palm.

kopi will sync, but you have to setup public keys with no passphrase. Kopi will initiate the sync.

I don't sync. I just copy the ics from Z to desktop
Sure, Ko/pi will sync fine with SSH; either using a public key or password which is what I am using. I am running sshd on the Z. I just have not tested the write back part to see if the ICS files on the Z is updated correctly.

Well, I have tried using two utilities, MultisynK, and KSync...KSync claims to be able to sync any two files, and I pointed it to a local file and a remote file using fish://...but my chnages aren't propagated across...sad.gif

I try the same thing with MultisynK (also a Kontact plugin) and I'm not sure it even tries syncing, the Sync button gives no feedback, and the log stays empty. I use a Local Konnector and a Remote Konnector, with fish://, as before. Ethereal shows 3 SSH packets, but that is it.

I do have passwordless SSH set up, so that isn't the problem. If there was even a command-line utility to sync .vcf (I can't sync the kaddressbooks either) and .ics files, I could write a simple script to copy it over and sync. I cannot simply copy the files over, because i expect to be making changes both on my home computer and the Z.

If anyone could walk me through the process, explainging exactly which options to try, I would be extremely grateful. I consider myself a linux and zaurus power user, but this completely baffles me.

thanks for all your replies so far!
That's frustrating. Have you tried just taking the .ics file and do a file import? Like what bluedevils is doing. You can then be sure that there is no path problem. Other places to check are the config files which contain paths. I have one incidence where for some unknown reasons, the data storage path on my Z was messed up and all my appointments were gone because ko or ka couldn't find the .ics and .vcf files. Sync, in this case, failed as well. These are the rc files in the config directory and the .microkdehome. I do the sync from the pull down menu "synchronize" in ko/pi on an XP, set up a profile to do mulitsync on both the .ics and .vcf files as a local file.

Here is the fragment of my profile setting (with Z) when I connect the Z via USB. My data storage path is /hdd3/Documents/kdepim/apps/korganizer/mycalendar.ics. The Z is assigned as drive E.

QString,with Z/RemoteFileName,E:/Documents/kdepim/apps/korganizer/mycalendar.ics
QString,with Z/RemoteFileNameAB,E:/Documents/kdepim/apps/kabc/std.vcf

Here are the ones for scp.

QString,ssh Z/PostSyncCommand,"c:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Secure Shell\scp2.exe" c:/temp/mycalendar.ics zaurus@

QString,ssh Z/PostSyncCommandAB,"c:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Secure Shell\scp2.exe" c:/temp/std.vcf zaurus@

QString,ssh Z/PreSyncCommand,"c:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Secure Shell\scp2.exe" zaurus@ c:/temp/mycalendar.ics

QString,ssh Z/PreSyncCommandAB,"c:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Secure Shell\scp2.exe" zaurus@ c:/temp/std.vcf

They are just 4 simple scp instructions. When I sync from XP it will pop up a window asking for my password for zaurus. Although I am using XP, it should be the same principle for unix.

Yes, yes, I could simply do an scp, but that really isn't a sync, it is a direct copy-over. I may add events or contacts on both the desktop and the Zaurus side, and I want them to be synced...I cannot just have one overwritten everytime, I might lose stuff.
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