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Full Version: Stereo Bluetooth Headset For Z?
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I think the new bluetooth stereo headsets are a good idea I hate having wires going from whichever device I use for mp3 (I have way too many mp3 capable devices) to my headphones.

As far as I understood there is a new profile for stereo audio streaming. I wonder if blueZ supports this and if there is an audio player that will stream the sound.

Anyone else thought of this?
does BlueZ support is one thing.. does ancient 2.4-crapix zaurus kernels support it is other thing ;(
hm, I didnt know the kernel had to support it, I thought it was just needed to have support in the stack and possibly also on the chip for the apropriate profiles...
QUOTE(Hrw @ Oct 18 2005, 11:35 AM)
does BlueZ support is one thing.. does ancient 2.4-crapix zaurus kernels support it is other thing ;(

Bluez patch can be backported just fine - I do that.

And for your reference, since bluetooth stereo headset use A2DP and there's no kernel A2DP support yet, you simply need a2play on your zaurus. No kernel thingy

There're some problem however - optimisation of SBC encoding, and closing streams. On my PC it works fine; on my Z I have to explore why it fails. IMHO it's just a matter of time for it to work fine on the Zaurus since one of the devel (Brad) is aiming at ARMs.

Im using the logitech bluetooth headphones with the included headphone plug to bluetooth dongle, works great

if you are looking for the driver its called bt-alsa, do a google search to find it but it requires piping throgh a program that only supports sun uLaw format so make sure your mp3 program supports this

SCO support for headsets is alot more mature and is part of the same package
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