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Full Version: Portabase Image Problem
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Hi all,

I've been using pdaxrom for a couple of month now, I find it really cool and I'm happy to finally be able to use my SL-C860 the way I wanted to wink.gif

Still, I have a problem with portabase. I've installed the package from the unstable feed, I can create DBs, enter data in them, check the data, etc... but when I insert an image, I can see it (preview) before validating, if I'm still in "Edit mode", I can see the image by pressing the view button, but after I validated the entry and closed the "Edit mode", I cannot see the image in the "Row Viewer", instead, I have grey square. If I reopen the entry in "Edit Mode" and click on view, I get an empty window.

I know the image has been saved in the DB because it appears if I open the file with portabase on my Debian machine. So the problem is either a bug on portabase (in that case, I shouldn't be the only one) or a missing lib (I've check the dependencies on the Debian version but couldn't find anything).

I use IceWM/Rox, I have libjpeg and qt-mt installed and I run RC11.

Does anyone else have the same issue? Any idea on how to fix this?

No answer yet, should I understand that I'm the only one having the problem?

Can someone confirm that he could see the pictures in his DB? So I know the problem is on my side and not on the package wink.gif
I have a DB in PC and Zaurus. And no JPEG image is shown in Zaurus. But PNG images are showed.
is it a problem related to the libjpeg version?
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