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Full Version: C3000 Hdd Caching Behaviour
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is it possible to modify the bahaviour of the SL-C3000 / Cacko ROM regarding the caching of microdrive access?


I'd like to have my email (mbox) files on the hard drive insstead of on SD card.
But in mutt, each time I scroll down to the next email in an mbox file, the microdrive has to spin up. I read the mail, the MD spins down, I scroll further, the MD has to spin up again...
This is quite time consuming and not good for the life expectancy of the MD I guess.

So is there a way to cache the mbox files (or larger chunks of the files), so it is not needed that the MD spins up each time I jump to another mail within the same file?


My understanding is that this is a kernel option (I've seen some talk of what type of caching to use with the 2.6.x kernels supported by the OpenZaurus images).

So you'll probably need to recompile the kernel (assuming there are options for the caching with 2.4.20).

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