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Full Version: Request Gps Recommendations
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I've browsed around this form in it's many parts and didn't find a definitive recommendation for a CF GPS card to use with my C-1000. So, at the risk of duplicating such a thread that I simply overlooked, I'm gonna ask if anyone out there can suggest such a card for the C-1000 ? I'm currently using the basic Sharp rom, but fully intend to lock Cacko when it gets released.

Japanese maps are a definite plus as well, since I'm currently living in Japan...and frequently getting lost (though I do usally end up encountering cool stuff anyway...).

So if anyone has some info, or even just wants to say 'Wake up idiot, this and been asked and answerd in thread XXXXX !' I'd sure be glad for the help...

Thanks all!
I wish you luck.

I posted a similar question some time ago and got no answers. I want to get a CompactFlash GPS for a C3100 and possibly use zGPs as the software but on the zGPS home page he can recommend only a Pretec card from his own experience and I don't particularly want one of those.
I'd go for a serial GPS as then you don't have to have your Z out in the open all the time.

I agree with lardman, unless your space is at such a premium that you can't carry another phone-sized device and cable with you.

If you're getting lost all the time, a handheld standalone GPS can be smaller, travel better, and have power a lot longer than the Z.

Get something like the Garmin etrex Legend and upload maps of your local area to it.

QUOTE(lardman @ Oct 23 2005, 10:31 AM)
I'd go for a serial GPS as then you don't have to have your Z out in the open all the time.

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