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Full Version: Gprs/bluetooth. Does It Use Up Minutes?
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So I've seen numerous threads about people using their bluetooth phones to connect to their Z over BT. They then use the connection from their phone to access the internet wirelessly. Does this Setup use up minutes? Or do you have to pay another monthly data fee? Does this work w/ T-mobile as a provider?
No, GPRS does't use minutes, you pay for data usage.

IIRC, T-Mobile USA has a 'all you can eat' GPRS plan.
what's it called? is it like the Sidekick <whatever> plan? Anything relatively cheap?
Check out the plans for the blackberries. If i am not mistaken, for tmobile you can get it for $70. That includes your basic phone usage (1000 anytime minutes), unlimited text messages, and access to the internet. But it has been a while since i used that plan for tmobile, so you might want to check on it.
what about this
Will that work?
This is a bit off-topic to this thread, but I am looking for a program that will keep a log of minutes used when connected to the internet.

SL-5500, Sharp Rom 3.13
It's 5.99 for unlimited gprs connections through t-mobile. They have specific plans for blackberries and sidekicks, but that includes text messaging and instant messenger features (but, if you have java, you can use agilient - completely off topic).
how about verizon? Theoretically, the unlimited gprs connections could be used to GAIM etc. right?
I currently have at&t (cingular bought it) i am paying 24 month plus 19 for regular phone usage. unlimited data. bluetooth to zaurus using s56 siemens.

You mentioned verizon unlimited data? i will look into this because cingular wants me to upgrade and play data plan 70 a month with i think sucks donkey balls.
The unlimited gprs connections I mentioned were referred to above. It's a reference to t-mobiles unlimited gprs plan, not verizon. Verizon is the predominant provider in my area, and I'd prefer verizon. However T-Mobile does have nationwide service in my area, but like I said, I'd prefer verizon. I don't want to spend a lot of money monthly(a lot being over $10) for internet usage when I'm not at a desktop. I'm running a 5500(w/out a stylus, currently). The reason I asked is because public wifi is relativly scarce where I'm at.
QUOTE(Cresho @ Jan 17 2006, 07:04 AM)
I currently have at&t (cingular bought it)  i am paying 24 month plus 19 for regular phone usage.  unlimited data.  bluetooth to zaurus using s56 siemens.

You mentioned verizon unlimited data?  i will look into this because cingular wants me to upgrade and play data plan 70 a month with i think sucks donkey balls.

LMAO... here in sunny Alaska gci wants $80 a month. I only intend to buy service for a month or two of travelling. (considering I'm already paying them quite enough for cell service, cable and internet)
Guess our plan sucks moose balls?
There are many factors here. Data plans, phones with bluetooth dun enabled and coverage.

Verizon disables bluetooth dun on almost all their phones. They have the best coverage and fastest 3g.

Currently I'm on cingular and they are also closing down dun on bluetooth as well (though mine still has it open). I read somewhere that they are close to implementing their 3g network too. They also have an expensive unlimited data plan. Coverage in NYC is pretty good.

Sprint has bluetooth dun open on many phones (including treo 650, but I'm looking at the samsung a900) and a 3g network. The free and flexible unlimited data plan starts at $15, but their coverage outside of major cities may be limited. There is a plan that allows you to (voice only I suspect) roam at no extra costs.

Both verizon and cingular have phones that people have hacks to get dun and free 3g access, but I'd rather not bother that type of stuff.
that T-Mobile link is only for mobile web access via a handset. That is why it is $5.99 USD. I don't think you can use the Sidekick Data plan unless you have a Sidekick. The Unlimited Internet plan WAS $29.99 like the Sidekick Data, but now it appears they have changed it to the T-Mobile Total Internet and charge $50 for it. sad.gif
What about data on the Verizon network?
UPDATE: doing more research into the sprint thing, I revealed it is $25 - 40MB data/month with a $70cap and $40 is unlimited data with sprint at the time of this post
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