Please help! Just got a Socket 6004 wifi compactflash card, on a new Zaurus 5600 (original ROM, 255 processor)

The Socket Wifi card was not detected at all, so I did the following:

cardctl ident > /etc/pcmcia/spectrum.conf
and modified the entry so it looks like:

card "CF+ LP WLAN Card Rev B"
manfid 0x0156, 0x0003
bind "spectrum_cs"

Upon reboot, the "CF" card is there on the taskbar, and cardctl status now says the card is active, however I do not see the "network globe", and I have no /dev/wlan0

cardctl status says:
Socket 0:
3.3v 16-bit pc card
function 0: [ready]

dmesg shows orinoco drivers apparently loading w/o error.

the lights on the Socket card never have lit up...

Please help!!