Hi guys,

I just had a scary experience with my Z 5500, OZ 3.3.6 and a Symbol WLAN card. I woke my Z (pressing Cancel) with my Symbol WLAN card already inserted and all it showed to me were moving dark gray stripes across the screen.

So I thought its maybe a bug and since I couldn't do anything else I flipped that battery switch to "Replace Battery". Well, that didn't change anything, so I flipped it back and pressed "Cancel" in the hope that the unit would power up. Nope, didn't change anything. I have no idea why I did it but I decided to pull out the WLAN card. Voila, the strips stopped moving and completely disappeard. Instead, I could see the Opie desktop again (a frozen desktop if that matters, anyway).

After flipping that little switch twice again I was able to start the Z and everything seems to be back to normal. Is it?

I thought that the battery switch would cut the power to the battery. Is that true? What did just happen to me and my Z?