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Full Version: Bluetooth Ambicom Bt2000-cf Compatibility
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Could anyone tell me if the new drivers on BT have compatibility for my Ambicom BT2000-CF? Dont know if the S/N or MAC address would be helpful in determining this.

I got it late last year and was not supported, as the Ambicom supported was the "black label" card.

I got it from Amazon and after a month with Customer Support in Ambicom I got:

1. The card was not the old one that worked with Zaurus, but was not compatible also with windows, it only worked for Pocket PC. Ambicom CS told me that the W2K driver was unstable and therefore they were not posting it at that time

2. Got an RMA to exchange the card for the old one: went back, got lost, never heard of it, reapeared, resent, took out of package...... they re-send me the exact same card, with past emails print-outs and everything.

3. Result: Ambicom card sits in my drawer hoping for better times, when the software catches up with the hardware.

Any help welcomed

show 'cardctl info' output
QUOTE(Hrw @ Nov 6 2005, 08:31 PM)
show 'cardctl info' output

Thanks for the help:

Open Terminal, typed "cardctl info"
R/ message stating unrecognized syntax, it states:

Usage: cardctl command [socket #] or cardctl [-c configpath] [-f scheme]
commands: status config ident suspend resume reset eject insert

Output of cardctl status:
3.3v 16bit PC Card [suspended]

Output of cardctl ident:
product info: "Ambicom_BT2000C", Bluetooth_PC/CF_Card"
manfid: 0x0279, 0x95 0b
function: 2 (serial)

Output of cardctl config
Vcc: 0.0v Vpp1: 0.0v Vpp2:0.0v

Hope this helps...
That card use serial_cs driver - look in dmesg which serial port it create and hciattach to it.
Did anyone ever get this working on the zaurus? I don't seem to have a serial_cs driver in my bluez stuff on my zaurus.
When I plug it in dmesg reports:

ttyS03 at port 0xf60002f8 (irq = 135) is a 16C950/954
BlueZ Core ver 2.4 Copyright (C) 2000,2001 Qualcomm Inc
Written 2000,2001 by Maxim Krasnyansky <>
BlueZ L2CAP ver 2.3 Copyright (C) 2000,2001 Qualcomm Inc
Written 2000,2001 by Maxim Krasnyansky <>
BlueZ RFCOMM ver 1.1
Copyright (C) 2002 Maxim Krasnyansky <>
Copyright (C) 2002 Marcel Holtmann <>

It is very interesting that I get "ttyS03 at port 0xf60002f8 (irq = 135) is a 16C950/954" .

Does that mean something is working? I have no idea how to use it though, nor do I have any hci devices from the card. How can it have a serial device? Does bluetooth work that way?

I bought this dang card off ebay and the auction specificly stated that it was zaurus compatible. I guess they lied.
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