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Full Version: IMAP client and folders
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Could anyone post his/her experience about using folders with the IMAP client of the Zaurus (5600, in my case).

1. First, I can see no way to specify a Mail directory on the host. I keep about 100 subject-specific mailfiles in a server directory called Mail and I am now unable to access these files or to transfer INBOX messages to them.

2. Second, when I placed a mailbox-style file in my *home* directory, the zaurus picked it up, but attempts to move mail from the INBOX to this file did not really delete the mail in INBOX, and also messed the synchronization between the server INBOX and the zaurus INBOX.

Can anyone report successful operation with folders. I'll gladly adopt their strategy.

The built in email client is crap and doesn't do IMAP properly.

If anyone knows of a good email client (preferebly one that does IMAP) please post here - I can't find one.
None - I use secure IMAP which isn't supported at all, so I use an SSH connection to my mail server and run Pine.
Ack - I've hit this problem as well. I have spotted that there is a build of Pine on killefiz. This should support IMAP fully - I'll try it out next week.

Ironic, since I have just switched from Pine to Thunderbird on desktop machines after using Pine for 10 years.

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