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Full Version: Gcc-native?
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Hi OE:
I am new to OE and new to bitbake, so please forgive me if this is a dumb question ...

I am wondering why there is no "gcc-native" package? I googled "gcc-native" and found this in an irc log:

19:51.44 luother hi, is it normal that bitbake with oe seems to compile some things multiple times for one package? sometimes with the extension cvs or native, like gcc, gcc-native, glibc, glibc-native
19:51.49 RP Yes, I'm refering to them...
19:52.30 kergoth_ luother: hm?
19:52.37 kergoth_ luother: there is no glibc-native, nor is there a gcc-native.
19:52.42 kergoth_ luother: oe builds what it needs, when it needs it.

In our shop, we do not build our cross compilers with the gcc installed on the system. Rather, we use the gcc on the system to build another gcc (possibly a different version) for the host system, and then use that for building the cross toolchain.

(We do this to be able to reproduce older releases of code that were built with downlevel compilers even if our system gcc has been upgraded).

I was hoping that there was a gcc-native package, but if there is not, is there any reason why I couldn't make/describe one to bitbake? Where do I hook in the dependency?

Thx for any light you can shine,
Tim Noell
Lexmark International, Inc.
Your question will get more attention from the bitbake gurus on the oe mailing list, I'd post it there.

I see no reason why you couldn't add a gcc-native; the reason one doesn't exist (this is my guess) is that as bitbake has thus far mainly been used to cross-compile code, there has been no need for it.

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