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Full Version: Should I Sl-3100?
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2 years ago I got myself a sl-5500 from ebay. Was happy with it for a month or so until the battery life ended the enjoyment especially with wifi. sad.gif

but now since hearing about the sl-3xxx releases and seeing that the battery life has been reported as acceptable compared to the SL-5500 Im starting to see enjoyment creap back in.

Now the question, would I really be happy with a SL-3100 after my experience with the sl-5500. I've checked out a sl-6000 in person and was amazed by the vga lcd. cool.gif

Im assuming on a sl-3100 with wifi the battery should last 3 hours with repeative use.
yes. The 3100 is leaps and bounds better than the 5500. Battery life is average for the high end PDAs these days. The VGA on the 6000 is the best, but the 3100 is still impressive.

The pros of the 3100 over your experiences with the 5500

- battery life is better
- if battery dies, you don't lose all your info and settings
- 4GB of storage
- USB host
- better quality build
- more ROMs to choose from
- better keyboard with dedicate number keys
- 64MB RAM
- landscape mode (also rotation on the fly)
- much more software available since a couple years ago (including decent PIMs and media players)
- X11 capability (if you know *nix then you know what I mean)

The only major cons I can think of is that the 3100 is heavy compared to the 5500 and price. It also means the 3100 feels less like a toy

Whenever I see my sister's 5500, I feel nostalgia, but the clamshells just blow it away.
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