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Full Version: Original Sharp Rom For 3100
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Hello again.

I'm looking for the original Sharp ROM that shipped with the 3100. When I was having the problem I had last week, I went and flashed to the NAND on the Trisoft site, thinking that it was an unmodified version of the original Sharp ROM, but it seemed to be modified in some ways (Different screen when booting up, different IME, etc).

Anyway, it didn't seem to matter much because once I used that to get the machine to boot up again, I just restrored to a backup I had made.


Now I wanted to restore my 3100 to factory defaults, and I did, but I'm noticing that it's "factory defaults" are the Trisoft ROM (It uses their loading screen, etc.)

I just want to set everything back to default (I've been experiencing some weirdness. Hancom sheet has locked up repeatedly, etc). Does anyone know where I can find the original ROM? I looked on my installation disks, but I didn't see it.


ps. Also, if I reset to the original ROM, will it reset to the original Kernal? I went ahead an "updated" to Tetsu's special kernel.

The official download site for the 3100.

for definitely untouched japanese NAND backups look in the
download area of

We offer NAND backups that include our localisation because
our customers normally want to go back to our shipping state.
So it wouldn't make sense for us to provide the japanese NAND.


Marc Stephan

Thanks for the help guys. I found what I needed on the Conics site.

Also, I just wanted to say that I wasn't in any way saying anything negative about the backup I got from the Trisoft site. I used the one I found there on my own accord, and it worked fine. I just wanted to return to a completely unaltered ROM now.

Thanks for all the help, guys!

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