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Full Version: I Need Your Opinoin On Best Gaming Emulater
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Hey all,

My daughter desperately wants a gameboy for Christmas and I don't have much time left to act! I don't mind her having such a device, but it seems a terrible waste to pay all that money for a dedicated handheld device + expensive software that will not help her in any other aspect of her life.

So...what I am considering is buying her a CXX0 clamshell model and using it along with a game emulator. I've heard this works VERY well with these models , however the only thing I've ever tried to get an emulator running on was a SL-5500 and I only had a marginal success with that project.

Before anyone says "do a search before posting" - I did. I've spent hours reading, but from my previous experience there is a HUGE difference between an emulator that "works" and one that "works well" or most importantly "works the BEST". I need to know a few things, and I need to know them quickly as it will be hard to both buy and get the emulater and roms setup for her before Christmas Day and my search results are super-ambigous and contradictory.

Here's the questions I need answered:

Bear in mind that I'm most interested in Nintendo/Snes/Gameboy and/or Gameboy Color games. We own over 60 Nintendo/Snes games already and I'm willing to buy used Gameboy games from Ebay etc. if we find games we like but don't have to keep myself legal, so I'm not trying to do anything illegal etc. (My opinion on this sort of thing is very well known. I'm dedicated to the free software concept, but pirating software/roms/code and not paying for the license is NOT the way to acheive our goals!)

1. What is the best and the most compatible (video and sound and playability) emulator available for the above games? Please include what ROM's it will run on.

2. Is there a real difference (in terms of Emulator performance) when choosing to buy a Clamshell Model? Does the C860 really play the games better/easier or would it be pointless to pay the extra instead of getting a C750/760 etc?

3. Is there a real difference in the terms of ROMS when choosing a platform to run the emulator on? pdaXrom? Cacko? Stock Sharp? please also include release versions.

4. What is the EASIEST emulator to get up and running for the average Joe? (Please include a value of 1 - 10 with !0 being the easiest to indicate how easy it is to get it up and running.)

5. Can you please provide a specific link to the emulator of your choice? Can you please provide a link to a "How-To" to setup and install this emulator?

6. Can you please provide me with a link to where I may download the Game Roms? (This would not be a copyright infringement in my case since I already own the games I'm interested in for the "snes/nes" and will buy any of the gameboy games etc. needed to keep me legal if you doubt me, you have an open inviation to come to my house and check.) If you're not comfortable with posting that info here please PM me or email me.
Also as an alternate, is there a way I can pull the rom code from the game cartridges I have? what hardware would I need to do that etc?
THIS WAS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM I HAD BEFORE- finding and downloading the actual ROM's for the games.

7. Should I broaden my scope of Game sources for the emulator? What other gaming platforms have you found that work well emulated on the clamshells?

Please do NOT be afraid to inject your OPINIONS! I WANT your opinions. I realize I will probably get a variety of answers, but your opinions are what I'm after- the facts have failed me already! =)

Please feel free to ramble on including any other info you wish to include that may help me achieve my goal. My problem here is not in finding information on emulaters and their performance/use on the clamshells, rather, the problem is that I'M DROWNING IN IT! Anything you can do to help me pare it down and come up with a timely solution is welcomed.

Thank you in advance!

(remove the 'n0spam' before emailing please!)

PS- I posted this here because of the questions concerning which CXX0 to purchase/use. I have also posted in "software'. If anyone becomes offended because of "crossposting" issues MODERATOR please feel free to delete this post and accept my sincere apologies- I simply want to put it in front of the most amount of Forum readers in the least amount of time and it clearly crosses two Forum Topic areas. If I posted only here, our Software Guru's may never see it- likewise if I posted it only there no CXX0 owners may never have seen it. Thank you for your understanding.
Get her a real gameboy for the following reasons:

1. Game compatibility. Any, including friends and relatives can give games as a gift and you do not need to figure out how to get the ROM on the Zaurus. Plus you know any game is going to work.
2. Peer-to-peer play. You need a Gameboy to link up with others for multiplayer play. Granted there is probably a way to hack up a link cable for the Zaurus, but why bother.
3. Gameboys are rugged with a keyboard designed for game play.
4. You will probably spend more time fixing it than she will be playing it.
5. Battery life. My kids GBSP lasts 8 hours. My C-Zaurus 2 hours.
6. Smaller impact when lost, broken, or stolen.
7. She asked for a gameboy, not a questionable emulator. You'll wish later in life that you just spoiled her with what she wanted.
^^^^^^ Agreed
QUOTE(neuroshock @ Nov 20 2005, 03:32 PM)
Hey all,

My daughter desperately wants a gameboy for Christmas and I don't have much time left to act!  I don't mind her having such a device, but it seems a terrible waste to pay all that money for a dedicated handheld device + expensive software that will not help her in any other aspect of her life.


Get her a gameboy.
On a zaurus you can play GB, GBC, NES and SNES full speed, but you can't play gameboy advance roms at full speed (not even close) at this point. On a GB advance, you can play GB, GBC and NES full speed... and (I think) some SNES ROMs.

You can pick up a GBA for less than a hundred bucks. A zaurus is substantially more.

With that said:
I believe yhe Cxx0 models are all going to be the same for emulation, performance wise.
The SL-5x00s are not going to cut it for emulation.
The C*k models are going to be at least as good as the Cxx0s... Someone who has used both can give a better response.

You might also consider genesis or game gear for emulation for consoles.
You can also draw upon apple IIe, C64, amiga, atari ST for games if you're interested in non-console emulation.


This is probably yet another NeuroShock project that just got aborted before it started.

Actually several of the objections you guys mentioned turned out to somewhat encourage me to do it anyway rather than discourage. My youngest daughter (who is just about to turn 13) is very capable and quick to learn, and the fact that the emulator would need "fixed" periodically would not only give her something to tinker with and expand her knowledge of Linux and Software in general, but would also give her the impetus to do so! The problem is I've got to learn it all first so I can teach her the ropes.

I've also no fear of spoiling her- she already is. For no greater than our income is I'm always astonished to go into our kids room and see it awash with computers, mp3 players, stereos, dvd players, televisions, etc. My older daughter has even managed to cobble together a right respectable and capable little Audio/Video creation studio and has made some really neat little animation fliks. Oops drifted off the point- anyhow they are ALREADY spoiled and have just about anything you can dream of from microscopes to computers to a miniarature FM broadcasting station (that I don't think is quite FCC legal).

I just cringe every time I see some kid with his head buried in a gameboy for hours on end when he could be doing ANYTHING else all the while learning nothing except how to move his fingers faster. Now lets say your traveling and you're on a road trip and need to stave off boredom - fine, but kids just don't read and exercise their minds and bodies enough anymore. I try desperately to put something in front of them with wich they can LEARN something usefull from in life as well have a blast. They can rott their brains out on gameboys when they get to be adults. Our family hosts lan parties at our house, we play fps and rts games around here fairly frequently and we have four WoW accounts (one for each family member) but they also spend at LEAST as much time if not more pursuing cool things that they can manage to get our home network and equipment to do. (The most recent is streaming REALLY GOOD live quality television from our Satellite TV over our home network to any Computer/TV in the house. They've found some way to get the compression pretty good too, and are amassing quite a collection of prerecorded shows/movies that we can watch on demand. Kind've like a huge household DVR/PVR.) Hmm...I just figured out why the older one asked for another 200G hard drive.

ARGGH got off topic AGAIN! I'm happy to spoil them. I just don't wanna rot their brains away. Having said all that I just can't see spending all the money on clamshell models just to do the task at hand POORLY. They can keep using their SL-5500's that they got last year for Christmas for other purposes and I'll chew on it a while longer. I MIGHT (kids if your reading this don't get your hopes up too much) buy them a GBA or so since it turns out it's cheaper than I thought but I'm not sure yet. Got a lot of other really cool options I thought up today to find out about first.

Thanks for the input everyone! While it wasn't what I expected/wanted to hear but I'm VERY glad you gave me straight opinions and it has DEFINITELY changed my mind and avoided both a financial and technical pitfall!

Be Safe,

A small update if you were curious to how this story ended....

My wife hit me upside the head with the frying pan until I saw the light of day. We went to Walmart on the day after Thanksgiving and stood in line, (Well- ok I SAT in line), from 3:30am to 5:00am and snagged two Gameboy Advance SP's. My wife and older daughter liked those so much they both chipped in to buy my youngest daughter a Gameboy Advance DS so that they could keep the SP's for themselves.

Bottom line:

While I DO wear the pants in my family, my wife tells me which ones to wear.


Thank you sincerely for all of the advice, I'd have truly screwed up otherwise-very glad I posted.

it's possible to run linux on the DS:

and on the gba:

(granted it's not quite like linux on zaurus)

there are some snes emulator for gba out there:
QUOTE(neuroshock @ Nov 20 2005, 09:32 PM)
Please do NOT be afraid to inject your OPINIONS!  I WANT your opinions.  I realize I will probably get a variety of answers, but your opinions are what I'm after- the facts have failed me already! =)

radical answer: get her a cheap Palm.

1) lots and LOTS of free games which are quite good
2) many cheap good games for small prices - for example
3) good PIM apps too
4) no-brainer synchronisation, backup etc
5) mp3 players in most of them

Unless she's a wanna-be geek who wants wireless, web, and learning how to program, the Z is not the right platform. Sad to say.
maybe I'm a bit late, but that gamepark gpx2 or gp2x or whatever g x and 2 it is called might fit the bill.
Should have plenty of available emulators, etc... and plays audio and video...
QUOTE(adf @ Nov 28 2005, 10:59 PM)
maybe I'm a  bit late, but that gamepark gpx2 or gp2x or whatever g x and 2 it is called might fit the bill.
Should have plenty of available emulators, etc... and plays audio and video...

see the ZPSX thread about being able to play PS1 games on the Z!
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